MP Dissention

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I'm sure enough people know my opinion of MP in games designed for SP by now, but this time I am going to take it much farther.

First off, this game and its predecessor are designed for SP and making them MP would drastically interfere with how the games operate, the pacing and discovery of things and so on. Making it MP would essentially erase the storyline as no one person would complete everything unless it were a forced scenario where things did not open up until each individual performed the required progression tasks, or those that did could progress and those that didn't could not. This is problematic and nobody has ever really managed to get it right, even in MMOs where MP is fundamental to the game.

Second, this and the previous game could benefit from a MP creative sandbox mode like the SP creative mode. All recipes would be unlocked from the start and story elements, quests, etc. would be disabled so people could explore the environment and build to their hearts content without having road(?) blocks in the way.

Third, a proper MP game derived from the basic concept and meant to be MP from the beginning would be great, where gated content would be set up properly for MP, such as not being able to explore extremely cold areas without having a snow suit, for example. Quests would be more like they are in a from-the-ground-up co-op or MMO game.
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