Praying animation

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Yes, I know it's supposed to indicate being cold.

1) It is CONSTANTLY firing off in build 28800, even when you are NOT COLD, at least not enough for your warm/cold indicator to be less than 100%!

2) It interrupts scanning, which has to be restarted, moving with the seaglide, which redirects the headlamp and slows your movement, and even slashing with the knife on the odd occasion that it triggers during the short knife animation. I don't know yet if it interrupts anything else as I haven't gotten those tools yet, but guess what? I'm not assuming it doesn't because previous evidence indicates subsequent behaviour.

3) It's ridiculous. You don't do such a thing automatically irl and any idiot can consciously suppress it when they are doing somethign else or just don't want to do it.


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    1. Yes, It's constantly firing off in build 28828 also.
    2. Yes, It interrupts everything. It's so annoying. It's borderline unplayable.
    3. Yes, It's unnecessary and doesn't add anything to the enjoyment of the game even if it was working correctly, which it isn't.
    4. Has any dev played 28800 or 28828? How?
    5. Sorry...that was a lot to unload. I'm loving this game! And the last one. Thank you!
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    Started a new game under 28898 just now and it's still doing it.

    And yeah it's so distracting that it makes the game annoying to play.
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    I'm on build 29083 and it looks like this has been fixed.
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