Balancing late joiners.

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One issue I come across often are people who go afk during a shuffle, or jump into Spectate, or join the server late, then join the game late. It throws off team balance. Sometimes it would be just timing/luck however, I have noticed players using Spectate to stack teams after a shuffle, minutes into a game.
Would it be possible that anyone afk during the shuffle be thrown into Spectate. Late server joiners are also auto put into Spectate. Then people who wish to join would be in a queue until an even number of people are queued to join and then the balance mechanism sorts them to keep teams as balanced as possible.

I know that some servers have an account that always Spectates. There are also people who want to watch a game or know they need to afk but don't want to leave the server. There could be a special tag or badge for that account so it is not counted in the Spectate queue. Or even the AFK tag itself could be used to not count people for the Spectate queue.

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