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The Subnautica devs have said before that they thought the had too cool of a model not to use. So I had a potential idea for how it could be reused. It could be repurposed as a sort of perimeter defense module for when you are outside of a seatruck. You could point it towards a creature the size of a cryptosuchus or smaller, and it would shock and scare them off just like the perimeter defense module. It wouldn't be usable on creatures larger than a cryptosuchus in order to still keep those creatures threatening and terrifying when you are free swimming. It would likely use a substantial amount of power with each use in order to discourage using it too frequently. I would also suggest having the seatruck perimeter defense module be part of the crafting recipe.

Another reason I thought of this was due to the removal of the stasis rifle from Below Zero. This could serve as an alternative, while still not giving players an overpowered tool that they can easily use to kill creatures.


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    I like the idea. Although the main question is how fast it reloads, if you can exclude small or harmless creatures and if there will be a proper collision detection (i.e. unable to use it through walls).

    In short: a tool similar to a grav trap that zaps creatures of a specific size rather than pulling things in.
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    I wouldn't really compare it to the grav trap. It's more like a stasis rifle that shocks creatures instead of freezing them.
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