Weather, Lore?

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Subnautica and Below Zero take place on the same planet, is there an explanation somewhere as to why the weather in Below Zero is so crazy as opposed to Subnautica? Im not complaining about the weather patterns in BZ, just kinda curious.


  • EliCVideogamerEliCVideogamer Members Join Date: 2020-05-08 Member: 260791Posts: 10 Fully active user
    (spoilers) One thing I was confused about in the original Subnautica is the Degasi voice logs reported major storms, and there was no weather at all in the actual gameplay. I wonder if they should do a content update to Subnautica and add weather.
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    Different places on the planet, almost certainly at a higher latitude in Subnautica Below Zero, thus the cold. Planets aren't all the same everywhere. Take a look at Earth for example.
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