Excess vehicles and diving closer to realism.

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Good day, Subnautica Below Zero Development Team!

First of all I would express my gratitude and delight to Subnautica! Its beautiful and wonderful Game.
I passed it 4 times and after some time I want pass it in 5th time.
I hope, your team willnt stop on BZ. May be the oceans other planets (not only 4546B) are waiting us!

Now, I play in Subnautica Below Zero. And I would pay attention on some things which are grieved me in original part.

First is excess vehicles. Many different vehicles it is good! But it doesnt need...
Let see:
For example, original Subnautica.
You can build Seamoth, but the game can be passed with only SeaGlide.
You can build Cyclop. Its the best submarine in computer games! And its a super mobile base. In additional its a beautiful mobile base. But... it doesnt need in game.
You always can return to your main base. And big Cyclop`s storage is excessive...
Research? By the time you can build the Cyclops (blueprints and rare resources!) you are already exploring almost everything.
You can build P.R.A.W.N. Suit. It has powerfull potential for mining resources.
But you dont need many resources! Anything you need you easy search with SeaGlide.
I hope, vehicles in BZ will have decent challenges!
For example, for Cyclop (Seatruck в BZ) it can be the need for a very long trip to another region of the ocean of the planet.
To use your main fixed base has become really unrealistic.
It would be great if there were more than 2 of these regions. Let the additional regions be small, but something unique and necessary in the game.
To get to them it was only possible on a mobile base (Seatruck). I really missed it in the original Subnautica.
Let some important and necessary resources be extracted only with P.R.A.W.N. Suit. This will make it not just a toy.

Second... Im a master scuba diving. I have many certificates in diving.
And my hair stands on end when my character dives with a scuba to a depth of 1500m!
I know problems for divers on 150m. But 1500m!
It might be making a dive after a certain depth without Cyclop \ P.R.A.W.N. Suit \ Seatruck \ Seamoth will impossible?
And during the "transition" between Seatruck and P.R.A.W.N. Suit health would be taken away very quickly?
May be only for Hardcore? I would play it like that. Closer to realism.

Perhaps I am not the first to write such a letter to you. Do not think that I am dissatisfied with something! Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero are great games!
But they can be made even a little better.

Fan of your games, Vsevolod


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    It would be hard to create a place that far away.... and haven't you seen the deathzone? forcing people that freak out from a baby sea emporer to go there would ruin the game for them.... also the depth would be a nice challenge for harder diffculty but sort of ruin gameplay like getting matierals or just looking at a seadragon without a PRAWN suit (oh, yummy player :D ) I mean I'm not a gamedev but that would be my problems with that ;)
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    Ou, it isnt a problem! A player can find a coordinates. (Aurora coordinates? :wink: ) And he can go there with "autopilot" in Seatruck/Cyclop. With "map reload".
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