Seatruck Module Dock

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I wish I could dock my seatruck modules onto my base to access their interiors without going outside.

A simple base object that attaches onto the side of other modules (just like the airlock) that you can swim your modules up to in order to dock them.
This would allow efficient loading/unloading of storage
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  • BoffBoff SwedenMembers Join Date: 2018-08-12 Member: 242804Posts: 63 Advanced user
    It is a bit annoying.

    My dream Scenario but not practical one
    would be a horizontal hard- dock.

    Similar to the bulkhead doors that we see on the surface bases. Internally in the base, the bulkhead door swings inwards, externally it’s a sliding panel with cushioning seals.

    So you back up onto the access door and get access to the base through the rear carriages.

    And to be extra savvy, for the times we have the prawn suit docking module, we could jettison the carriages. And then just push the modules onto the horizontal docking ring. So it works either direction.

    The smart practical solution an vertical soft dock
    A solid vertical connection pipe.

    Additionally (and for gameplay wiggle room)
    It can gimbals and extends and pulls the vessel in to a solid 90degree angle. So we don’t need to be exactly exact.

    Why is this the better solution?
    Because the vertical connection is a ubiquitous soft lock connection which a company like altera would develop because all their submersibles have top-hatches for the drivers.
    This ubiquitous solution would work for the PrawnSuit,
    The cyclops.
    Because the vertical soft lock can be constructed on the top section or bottom section of a base.

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