Make Sleep Essential to AL-AN

BoffBoff SwedenMembers Join Date: 2018-08-12 Member: 242804Posts: 55 Advanced user
Not to add another progress bar or constraint on the system.
But since Sleep tends to be of no use to the player, outside of players internal role-playing in their minds, or having a quick-jump to daytime

Storywise, ALAN (much like GLaDOS in Portal2 stuck in a potato having limited processing capacity) has to shut down to "think".
Since our hitch-hiking alien requires the player's BRAIN to think, it's a shared resource, one that becomes less active and less constrained when sleeping and dreaming.
Giving the player handy insights to Precursor locations.
or more "fade to black" and have a mini-cut-scene-dialogue, freaky imagery from the Precursors homework, AL-AN'S memory, or an interpretation of them.
It looks like ALAN is used to being indifferent "bodies, and systems" with different abilities and sensory information.
How do we interpret, a dream/recollection where there was a shift in magnetic fields that could be "felt".

Just as long as ALAN doesn't take over the Visual Cortex and starts playing Hallucination games like Alien in Penumbra.......when you have no idea if you murdered a human or an infected zombie, because the alien has been toying with your perception of reality.

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