multiple crafting recipies

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Crafting has been made a little "easier" with resources being limited now to a metal type, which randomises a titanium drop.
So it's 50% 50%. and not say Subnautica 1/3 of a chance for some materials.

However, some materials can just not spawn in, or a in a biome far far away and essential make life harder (not that I don't enjoy a challenge).
But Wife, kids don't appreciate Dad scrubbing through the static junk in an RNG system, waiting for that "drop".

So being able to "synthesize" basic materials from an abundance of another material, would be a solution to help that out.


  • darrindarrin Frankfurt; GermanyMembers Join Date: 2019-02-15 Member: 250965Posts: 84 Advanced user
    Reminds me of the Soil Centrifuge concept (Astroneer game). It would require the player to be able to collect 'soil'. It would work if the player would pick up outcrops instead of breaking them directly.
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