There shouldn't be fragments in BZ!!!

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There was no super big crash like the aurora around this area of the world. No fragments could have gotten there, the aurora is literally on the other side of the world! You literally work for Alterra, you should be able to just get the blueprints from the start, and just make it harder to fabricate. Fragments simply don't make any sense!

Thanks for reading my rant :smile:


  • RobertKRobertK UKMembers Join Date: 2018-08-13 Member: 242827Posts: 7 Fully active user
    And also the Lost Ship doesn't look like something from Alterra and the fragments would have been gone by the time Alterra came, the ship looks really old.
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    little new story spoiler: we don't work for altera and logs in the game show (as long as they don't get removed later): at least one seatruck got destroyed (to many fragments and fragments away from the place it got destroyed can be explained by gamedesign, just so you need to go to more places and can find the fragments easy without ragequit over the last one XD) and we can't tell if there wasn't more.... then we have seamonkeys that... HEY GIVE ME BACK MY KEYBOARD XD and people lose stuff all the time.... and Spoilercodename Badass that steals stuff and might lose and break some in the progress ;D you see there are many reasons :smiley:
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    I understand OP's position on this matter. I was talking to my brother about this same issue and he brought up a good point: right now the fragments may seem out of place, but it gets the items into the world at a pace that makes sense (deeper=more advanced). The new story direction gives ample opportunity to explain the non-seatruck fragments, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do that.
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