Seamoth upgrades disappear after save

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Hello all,

Ive been having a issue when I install a sea moth upgrade such as “depth model 1” it will not be attached to the sub when starting the game. Note: the game saved with the model inputted.


  • DemonHunter654DemonHunter654 East Greenwich Members Join Date: 2016-02-15 Member: 213053Posts: 73 Advanced user
    Forgive me I have two of these entries idk how to remove them.
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    The other's gone now. :) Are you on PC or console? If PC, are you playing experimental or regular?
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    I have experienced the same problem at least two times, and I’m about to give up on this game despite how much I have enjoyed it.

    Here are the facts:
    • I am playing on a Playstation Pro
    • I don’t think the experimental version is available on PS4, so I’m positive it is not running in experimental mode.
    • It is running V1.07 (this is a fresh install from Disk).
    • It is repeatable.
    • Short Description: I save the game. I allow it to finish saving the game before doing anything else. Then I close the application by by way of the PS Home Button and selecting “Close Application.” Then I reload the game. When I come back, I’m in the same location, with all the same items in my personal inventory. No obvious changes Take place except in my vehicle. The Seamoth no longer has any upgrades. [More importantly, when I open up the Seamoth Upgrade Window, the 4 upgrade slots and transparent display of the Seamoth (which normally appears on the right side of the screen) is gone. Not only do you lose the upgrades, the ship loses the ability to have upgrades

    Now here is the kicker. I THINK I KNOW WHEN IT DOES NOT OCCUR. It’s has happened a couple times to me, but on a couple cases it hasn’t. Thinking hard about it, it doesn’t happen when you save the game and then quit to the Title Screen.

    ALSO, if your Seamoth upgrades are in your personal inventory, the actual won’t disappear. The upgrade slots however do vanish, and you are unable to install the upgrades. I’m phrasing this as “this happens to you”, but actually its happened to me a couple times. This is also repeatable. HOWEVER, I got those upgrade slots back. The way I did it was to save again, then quit to the title screen, then close the application. Start the game again and load the save. For me, the upgrade slots came back and I was able to install the actual upgrades. This is how I draw the conclusion that the bug does not occur when you save and quit to the title screen. I kept experimenting with loading the game in the hopes of getting the Seamoth upgrade slots back, evenm though I had not lost the upgrades (that time).

    It appears when you quit to the title screen, some necessary operation occurs to the save file for it to remain uncorrupted. Whatever that is, it’s not happening when you just save the game and close the application.

    Unfortunately, this last time, I panicked and closed the application. Now I come back in the same spot, at 300 M underwater, without any depth upgrades. My ship implodes in seconds and I can’t get back to the surface for air in time. Yes, I could rebuild, but now I’m pretty disgusted.

    I’m going to file my own bug report, but I needed to make a post and wait 24 hours. I believe this bug has been around since 2018? Sheesh.
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