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I like both intros ( the one when you're already at 4546b in the base and you go to the alien base and then you leave it then there is a lightning storm) and the new one I kind of like the when you crash land in a life pod. so my idea is to mash both of the intros together. First you come out of your ship onto 4546b in that life pod kind of thing then you land in the snow but instead of leaving you hit your head against the steering wheel and you go into a coma you wake up a year later and your life pod is sunken into the snow and you get out of the life pod and you leave through a icy cave system to the base from the first intro because others have already built their and basically everything in the old intro happen again with the alien base in the electrical storm


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    that would end up with to much work and have you tried to survive one year in a coma without someone that cares for you? okay I would make a funny plot with a certain survivor but as I said sadly to much work.....
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    Ok on the same note I had the idea that they keep the first intro have them sort of find out that she’s hiding something capture Robin and place her sister on 4546b to kinda finish what Robin was actually supposed to be doing. Then intro two happens, something has gone wrong and Robin with the help of Al-an escape the space station after inquiry from her bosses. Crash land and off she goes to save her sister. That way we get the wonderful family dynamic and a crash landing that was really epic.
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    I much prefer the new intro. The first intro lead to several questions regarding why I would have to discover locations when I had been working on the planet for X-amount of time. Shouldn't I already know that there's a base on the island? I understand Alterra is secretive, but that wasn't very clear.

    This story has us clearly knowing nothing about the planet except that it's cold and our sister is dead or in trouble. We have one clue, and it's a picture of a base on the shore of a glacier. Whatever has happened, Alterra doesn't want anyone talking about it and has left behind valuable resources and abandoned equipment to achieve that goal. That is much more exciting, in my opinion, than tracking down a rogue colleague and running errands that could easily wait until after meteorite shower passes.
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