Potential fix for micro stuttering, and game freezing

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After years of having random issues I finally have something that worked for me, to get ride of stutters and that full, 1 second freeze I had every few minutes in game. So I thought that it would be good to share the findings, and perhaps regroup here any kind of tips the community could have as well concerning this issue.
  • Try lowering every ns2 settings, and set "GPU Memory" to the lowest value. You can then work your way up. I do have way more stutter with high graphical settings, so this would be the first step.
  • Don't turn off the steam service: I used to disable it because games were still working, but it looks like games are doing some polling to it, and having it off leads to a hang of the application for a moment.
    • ^ That one here has been a bane for me for YEARS
  • Deselect one of the core assigned to the process: Looks like leaving the OS one bookkeeping core prevents the game from eating everything, and leaves it enough to work along. I didn't noticed any FPS reduction. At least ns2 has a constant and stable amount of cpu power. That one has an impact on the stutters for me, especially with high settings.
  • Into the processor power management settings of windows, set to 99% instead of 100% the min and max processor state. Somehow it prevents low quality CPUs to stumble over by trying to do more than they can (reaching 110%+ of CPU usage). I can't say if that one really works, but it has an impact on the cpu so it could be worth the try.

There are other changes you could attempt if you are desperate, but the above are at least safe and easy to test and revert.


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    My pc often starts out slowly caching the textures and what not, my game can have hiccups the first time I run across new assets on map changes etc. rest of the time it's stable FPS above 100, even at high settings.
    A way around that is to load the map you're going to play in a solo listed server. For map makers, this also helps load your level faster in the editor. I had never really organized prison, so the map would load fully in the editor. Loading the map up in game negates the cache loading in the editor, and all assets pop up instantly.
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    I am also experiencing the same issue, my game randomly freeze and stutters on Windows 10.
    I searched online and found this article pcerror-fix.com/fix-game-stuttering-windows-10
    Here I found the list of solutions I tried disabling the Game Bar and Game DVR, as well as updated the graphic card driver, this worked for me to fix the problem and now my game is running fine.
    Check the article and try the fixes hope this works for you as well.
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