Simple but effective "Void" idea for Subnautica Below Zero

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Dear devs, I have a potentially great and relatively simple idea for implementing a new dead zone/ void in BZ. This was one of the hallmarks of the subnautica experience, that everyone loved to discover, nothing is quite as spooky and mysterious as a vast empty abyss.

I would suggest to add a similar area in subnautica below zero, but this time with a more exciting feature: make leviathans spawn there, except the deeper you go the larger they are! (or maybe just a single very large one at the bottom). Additionally, small changes such as skin color, eye color, voice pitch and/or perhaps new PDA scan data could further enhance the feeling that the player is discovering something new. I want to stress out the idea that these giant leviathan/s should spawn at a significant depth within the void (not immediately upon entering it like in the original), so as to create a tension buildup for the player.

This is something that I'm sure a lot of players would love, as there is already a popular creepy pasta story about a giant creature deep in the void, and a mod was released for subnautica to enlarge the animals, which offered the player the awe-inspiring sight of a 10x larger reaper leviathan for example. Link to video about the mod: .

Please consider this!
And thank you for your great work so far!


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    YES! I really think that was a missed oportunity with Subnautica, i need a giant scary as heck behemoth to appear out of the darkness to kill me when we pass a certain point in the void.
    It would be an awesome and lore friendly way to stop you from going too far out (instead of teleporting). And when i say big, i mean BIG, take the Sea Emperor, multiply the size by 100 and give it the scariest design you can think of.
    Perhaps the engine can't render a creature that big without the framerate droping to single digits, that's why it would be fine if it's a scripted sequence/cutscene that plays when you get past a certain distance in the void.
    Picture this:
    The camera control is taken from you and the cutscene starts, your vehicle loses power, suddenly everything goes silent, then you see it, it's face appearing out from the darkness, a titan leviathan (lovecraftian design and size) that roars and swallows you and your vehicle whole
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    Yes, the idea of a giantic leviathan in the void is a dream of a lot of players ! And it could add a more scary part to the game. This concept art is really amazing !
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