more diverse creature behaviours

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I am currently quite disappointed of how little the creatures react to certain conditions and how little they interact with their surrounding. There isn't much you can see if you stay for a while and watch them. Predators are always hungry and aggressive and lurk around the same spot all day long.

What I'd love to see is that larger creatures would act differently depending on whether it's day or night. I'd love to see snow stalkers act differently right before or during a snow storm. Ice wurms might not hunt during hail storms. And I'd love to see creatures to wander around greater distances. That would allow me to wait until they swim away. Currently, I either dodge or kill them. That's stupid! I can't even wait until they've eaten enough (or feed them) to lower their aggressiveness.

I'd love if I peepers being attracted to light, if schools of fish would rush away whenever I get close or to see a penguin chasing schools of fish. Heck, I would even love to see a whale (variant) that specifically eats whole schools of fish.

There are countless of other ideas. A type of fish that stays near a specific sea flower, ducking away whenever a predator swims by or a shadow hits them. Some other fish eating creepvine seeds or picking on ice fruit plants; a fish that disguises itself as a mineral outcrop during daylight, plants that would open or close their petals depending under certain conditions, seeing the same fish in different sizes (to symbol a different age), to see a fish to actually swim through tube-like caves, to see a pile of fish cadaver eaten by larvae, to see how predators hunt each other over greater distances, to see a fish being cut into pieces, having fish wih individual characteristics (different skin pattern, lost body parts, etc.), to see small leeches attached to larger predators or crawling all over the walls of the sunken ship, to have a female snow stalker act differently than a male, and so on...
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    there are no males or females on the planet... it's a little bit like Godzilla from the bad first american try (okay it is a cool movie but not classic Godzilla (says the dude who started watch godzilla with that movie lol)) they have both genders... but besides that, that is something I would love to see...
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    I agree, more creature behaviour would be great. I have a feeling that the devs think it's too hard to implement though at least for anything remotely complicated. There are the sea monkeys in below zero stealing/ give you stuff so surely they could do more. But even really simple things like changing the spawn rate / location of creature depending on whether it was day or night would make the creature seem more alive.
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