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Hello team, thanks for the awesome game. However there are still a few things which either ruin the immersion or are just weird and shouldn't be hard to fix. Let me explain:
- fish swimming through base and bubbles bubbling! For god's sake block this as it absolutely ruins the atmosphere!
- SeaTruck storage module - this vehicle is called "truck", so I really imagined it will be able to hold some cargo! However the storage module is quite pathetic and it's basically just a lot of wasted space. How can this big piece of metal have capacity smaller then the player's inventory? Please remove the empty space and make it look like a real storage space with just a narrow corridor in the middle and much bigger capacity.
- rear view mirrors are "cheaty" x-ray vision mirrors. Please make the water be visible in them, otherwise it really looks weird when I go rear and it shows something absolutely different then the front window.
- base building - quite often you cannot place a room or corridor because it's red but there is no visible obstacle. Some tooltip explaining why can't it be placed would be good


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    I 100% agree with the sea truck problem. That storage module is truly pathetic, but I think they are aware of a lot of these problems. They have mentioned in the past that they are going to be tweaking it. Although, I think it needs less of a tweak, and more of an overhaul to be honest. Some of these other issues are simply just bugs that are probably on the back burner for right now since they are working on the story an world building really.
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    Hey guys, i'd lile to say thanks and great work with Subnautica. It's an awesome game and also id like to say the way y'alls way of developing the game is just spectacular, please keep it up. Now, onto what i would like to suggest for below zero is this:
    One thing i would like to see is adding an alternate means of suppling power to the base, the current means are great but i'm thinking about back in Subnautica where the Precursors exchanced thermal energy into ion power. So maybe a ion reactor or something similar?
    Second, when i introduced my little brother to the game, he got hooked quick and enjoys it. He did point out that he would like to see more land vehicles in below zero such as a futuristic 4 wheeler or atv purely for speed and sport such as doing donuts around land predators
    Three, id like to see some more offensive weapons to defend ourselves from the larger predators lile the sharksquid or larger. This is mainly due to the alien rifle i scanned in the Orbital Gun in Subnautica.
    Fourth, i'd really like to see some functional science equipment to do experiments and studies of the fauna, flora and minerals that could be beneficial like in Subnautica with stalker teeth but more.
    Fifth, the Cyclops had some built in lockers but they were small and you had limited customization options to it. I'd like to see if they Cyclops or a simular version built for Below Zero, be more customizable like adding weapons, short range resource scanner, clock, water tight bulkhead doors if your ship is damaged but can't repair in a hostile enviorment, a new reactor for power instead of batteries or something along those lines please.
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    To all the devs that created Subnautica. Thank you. Thank for creating a beautiful, and amazing game. My whole family has enjoyed playing it on both PC and Console. With that said, I was wondering if Below Zero would have an option that the first did not. The ability to choose between a male or a female main character. The reasoning being that to be more immersive with the storyline. Again I thank you for all the hard work and talent that shows in Subnautica and can't wait to see the newly completed sequel.
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    Dear devs, I have a potentially great and relatively simple idea for subnautica below zero:

    One of the hallmarks of the subnautica experience, that everyone loved to discover, was the ability to dive almost infinitely in the dead zone (void), nothing is quite as spooky and mysterious.

    I would suggest to add a similar area in subnautica below zero, but this time with a more exciting feature: make leviathans spawn there, except the deeper you go the larger they are! (or maybe just a single ultra large one at the bottom) Additionally, small changes such as skin color, eye color, voice pitch and perhaps new PDA scan data could further enhance the feeling that the player is discovering something new.

    This is something that I'm sure a lot of players would love, as there is already a popular creepy pasta story about a giant creature deep in the void, and a mod was released for subnautica to enlarge the animals, which offered the player the awe-inspiring experience of seeing a 10x larger reaper leviathan for example. Link to video about the mod: .

    Please consider this!
    And thank you for your great work so far!
  • HerobrinesbestminionHerobrinesbestminion Join Date: 2019-12-07 Member: 256209Members
    the game (BZ) feels more like a dlc... I would love to see some more work put in like some more biomes or one or two leviathans and more little creatures... I know there was alot of planed stuff and I don't even ask for the ice dragon (he is ugly, to be hounest) but just for... something idk I always was the dude that only has big ideas but no details ;)
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