Water version of the Thermal Knife(Filtration Straw)

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I'm playing Below Zero, but I feel like this happened in the original as well. It feels like the more I play, either in a single session or cumulative over the course of several sessions, that I seem to get thirsty at a faster rate.

I do half a mission driving from one end of the map to the other, 5 minutes go by, and I'm at 40 thirst. I try to keep it up constantly, but it feels like I'm spending more and more time gathering bladderfish than I am actually playing the game. Maybe it's a bug, maybe I'm just not noticing how long I'm playing, but I feel like it needs to be addressed.

I'm not sure how thirst works, be it travel, time, or a mixture of both. I like how it works in the beginning of the game, where you don't have much so you have to scavenge for water, but in many of my games I've struggled to find/remember where the water filtration system is, or the hydration suit, and even then it's not the most effective way to gain water(wait several minutes to get a +50 water refill or go hunt dozens of bladderfish in the same amount of time for +40 water).

I think there needs to be a different way to get water that, over the course of the game, makes gaining water more of a trivial issue, like the thermal knife with food. Something like a filtration straw, or maybe make your hydration suit create bottled water instead of just slowing down your thirst meter. I feel like with how things work right now, I spend way too much time in the mid-game portions just searching for water sources. It takes a lot of inventory space and it's a constant need. Something like a filtration straw would only take up one slot, and could even have a number of charges before it's "used up." And it would still make the tundra region a place you have to plan for, either running up to a river to drink or stocking up on water bottles when you go further in, which I feel is fair as it's the "new" place. I just feel like mid-game and any time you go way too deep in the ocean, there's an absurd lack of water sources without heading back to your base(s), wherever you put it, and scavenging more bladderfish, juicy plants, or waiting on your filtration system.

The crafting for the straw could be:
  • necessary blueprint(possibly found in the sunken ship, seems like a good point in the game) ->
    • Titanium
    • Carbon Filter
      • fiber mesh
      • carbon x3

Carbon could be made as an advanced material, using either just Diamond or Diamond plus another agent to break it down. But I think just putting diamond into the Fabricator would do. Carbon would unlock after finding the blueprint for the filtration straw. It wouldn't be a new raw material, as I wouldn't know what else to do with it, and that would feel like a waste to find the materials to create granular activated carbon(GAC). I feel like using the fabricator to break down diamond and then combining that material with a fiber mesh would be a perfect way of creating a GAC water filter. And we all know metal straws are better for the environment than plastic. :wink:
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