Below Zero early access - amd I playing it wrong?

McVitasMcVitas Members Join Date: 2019-03-20 Member: 251856Posts: 14 Fully active user
Hello, I have been playing below zero for few days now and I realize there is a big difference between this and the original Subnautica. Maybe it's because it's just not finished yet so many things are missing? In the original game I constantly got some radio messages telling me to go check some survivor pods and various other things. It almost felt like too much things happening that I didn't have time to just do some exploring and harvesting. In below zero it's the opposite! I already built a base na have around 20 wall lockers full of stuff, but nothing else is really happening! Maybe I missed some important thing to do?
I have built mobile vehicle bay, but I still can't find the last frikin seatruck fragment! I have found some alien structures deep in twisty bridges but it's not really possible to dive there without a vehicle. Will the story progress when I get there?


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