constant red-plug/"timeout" cant play longer than 2 minutes

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I have the ports forwarded and I've tried reinstalling the game- I legit can't play longer than like 2-3 minutes without getting a red-plug disconnect saying "timeout" I don't have problems with any other games just NS2.


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    Try the Discord channel
  • MephillesMephilles Germany Join Date: 2013-08-07 Member: 186634Members, NS2 Map Tester, NS2 Community Developer
    This might be related to a bug in game atm. I think ther is an experimental build that might help you... @GhoulofGSG9 knows more here
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    were you able to resolve your issue?

    Just did a fresh install of NS2 yesterday and ran into the issue. Seeing it again today. I only seem to get the issue if I stay in the ready room for more than 5 seconds during an active game. If I get the red plug of death, I can rejoin the server as a spectator just fine and when a spot becomes available I can play until a new map change happens. once the new map loads, after about 8 seconds in the Ready Room I get the red plug of death and need to reconnect to the *same* server and quickly join a team to avoid another red plug. once I'm in the game I'm good. I just have to pray there's no map change or I'll get booted upon load.
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