Couple of bugs from playing in Feb 2020

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Hey all. I decided to play Subnautica again after a year+ and I really appreciate the new updates - so many QOL fixes and updates really making the game shine!

However I've got some new bugs... and old bugs to report. I hope someone sees this.
- The bottom of my MPRs are now invisible from the outside if I deconstruct the MPR below it (the one I deconstructed had support struts if that helps)
- ALL my scanner room cameras are still stuck being named camera3/4 after deconstructing a room with cameras 1/2.
- My cyclops radar assembly somehow attached off-center on my cyclops (reloading the save fixes this)
- Hostile fish like Crabsnakes and Crashfish are sling-shot a few meters away once they aggro me (not the usual funny spawn-in slingshot - they decide to attack me and suddenly FLY away before coming back at me)
- Getting out of the PRAWN on dry land causes Riley's default standing height to lower to knee-level. Getting in/out of water fixes this.
- The Prawn gets stuck for no discernible reason while inside the QEP and cannot move but can turn. It does not squat when I get out. Using a grappling arm to pull myself around fixes this after a few tugs. (and ONLY with the grappling arm, nothing else I know works)

Thanks for all the hard work!


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    A recent patch really screwed up Subnautica! I play HC. In the last 3 weeks, the game killed me 3 times for no reason. I would mind my own business, with full health, plenty of air, et cetera, and suddenly take extreme damage and die, for no reason. The game made a 4th attempt but I survived. There was a location that subjected me to extreme heat damage, though I was nowhere near a heat source! Then today, it ruined anther game because I somehow got stuck in the floor at the Sea Emperor facility, so I restarted the game. Then, when the HC game started, I fell through the floor, and it never reset my location. I left notices and replies, and have been ignored, therefore, I posted here.
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