Incorporate Metroidvania gated-design to make the Glacial Basin less of a tedious slog

SSukeSSuke USAMembers Join Date: 2019-07-30 Member: 254013Posts: 9 Fully active user
The Glacial Basin (GB) is currently really tedious to get around. The tunnel that connects the rest of the map to the GB is a pain to go through. The GB itself is HUGE and takes forever to travel.

We need unlockable shortcuts between regions à la Metroidvania design.

I recommend including following:
  • A story update that the meteor storm damaged multiple sections of the GB. Thus, the main pathway to the GB and pathways between various regions in the GB are INITIALLY blocked.
  • The player can repair Snowfox bridges to create shortcuts between snowfox-accessible areas in the GB. Before repair, the areas are mainly only accessible by foot or via existing caves.
  • The player can use the Prawn Suit or repulsion cannon to remove debris or boulders blocking the main pathway to the GB, creating a shortcut back to the main region.
  • The player can use the spy penguin crawl into regions to unlock doors that were blocked by meteor storm damage, creating other shortcuts or unlocking access to bases.

Not only does this make the region more accessible and enjoyable. It also gives more purpose to the Snowfox, Prawn Suit, Repulsion Cannon, and Spy Penguin
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