[GUI] Voice audio waveform to see who's actually speaking (and who recently did)

AndosAndos Join Date: 2003-10-17 Member: 21742Members
So many times I never get to see who said something over voice-comm before their name disappeared from the screen + so many times a lot of people talk at the same time by holding down the push-to-talk key without actually saying anything.
It all makes it super hard to use the on-screen voice GUI for anything at all.

My suggestion:

Show an simplified audio waveform/spectrogram/histogram/visualizer next to the name of the player who's talking.
Anyone can much easier differentiate who's talking by matching visual histogram/waveform activity with what people are saying.
Once the player has not said anything for a while his name will fade out over X amount of seconds (without any activity on the spectrogram people will not be confused by this)


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