Do I need to be concerned? Corrupt file

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I run Norton as my AV and this just popped up today:

Risk: Heur.AdvML..B Filename: workshopbackup.exe Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Natural Selection 2\utils\WorkshopBackup\

Classification: Malware / Heuristic Virus

Looking at this type of risk at:

I'm not liking this ... and would like to know if this is benign or something that needs addressed? I've never seen this before on my machine and I have played UWE games from the beginning with NS1. Haven't played NS2 in over a year due to Subnautica but was actually going to re-visit soon seeing the new patches. But want to know if it is safe to even do so?

Thank you!


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    Heuristics analysis is basically just a false positive generator
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    If you have a doubt you can submit it to It will analyse the submitted data to a lots of antivirus.
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    edited November 2019, THE best I've seen, we use it at my work to verify suspicious files / URLs , also features Falcon sandboxing that will run the executables so you don't have to, complete with screenshots :-)
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