My hullplate isn't showing up in builder

Funsauce32Funsauce32 CanadaMembers Join Date: 2016-06-09 Member: 218339Posts: 187 Advanced user
I own the Jack's septic tank hullplate but it no longer shows up when i try to build it, is there a way to fix this?


  • JWulfeJWulfe USMembers Join Date: 2016-12-25 Member: 225474Posts: 3 Fully active user
    I just noticed this today while doing a fresh play through of the game myself. I had just found lifepod 7 and the "odd statue" in it reminded me of the septic tank. But when I went to check my blueprints it wasn't among them. Is this a fixable glitch?
  • SubnauticaJamesSubnauticaJames Members Join Date: 2020-02-13 Member: 257862Posts: 1 Fully active user
    edited February 13
    I'm having the same issue. Jackcepticeye is one of my favorite let's players and content creators on youtube, and the Jack's Septic Tank item is a nice touch for any fan, and is an amazing tie in to the game by Unkown worlds, known simply as "Developers" to Sean, as well as a great gift to Sean's fans, that he gave to ayone lucky enough to stumble upon the right video. To not only see Jack's Septic Tank not only disappaer frm my blueprints, but also no longer have the ability to input codes at all anymore, to my knowlwdge, is an immense disappointment. the item is still able to be viewed in my steam inventory, and built in my orginal survival file, but not in any other save created today. Unknown Worlds, if you see this, please find a way to rectify this problem, and if any players have any information on how to fix this, feel free to post it here. I cant speak for the other users on here, but i personally would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  • I_KILL_YOU_200XI_KILL_YOU_200X USMembers Join Date: 2020-02-16 Member: 257974Posts: 1 Freshly registered user
    I am missing the septic tank from my new play through as well
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