Natural Selection crashed upon starting

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the problem started approximately 1 week ago, when Natural Selection 1 (not the new version natural selection 2 ) crashed upon starting. When I start the game, the screen freezes then I get the message "the half life launcher has stopped working", then the game crashes out to the desktop. This issue happens when I try to start the game.

I have tried to,

1) verifying my half life files, as stated in Steam support guidelines. But Natural Selection don't have this option.

2) Updating my graphic drivers

3) Uninstalling and reinstalling the game

Now i'm out of options. What should I do to fix this issue ?


The text is in Swedish which translates as "the half life launcher has stopped working".



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    Does plain old Half-life work on this computer?
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    the original NS used a older HL SDK. The first time the Steampipe update caused problems with NS. Looks like the latest HL update is the reason for the crash of NS. There is a community release at github.
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