Quick bar management with a controller in Below Zero.

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I only play this game with a controller, using a xbox layout.
For quite a few patches, including the current, assigning an item to the quick bar uses the d-pad "up", only that this also moves the item selection cursor so that the item above it is assigned. There's no way to assign items in the bottom of the inventory, unless with a keyboard.

This is certainly not the intended behavior, therefore I'm posting it as a small bug.

Even though this section is strictly for bug reporting, I would like to make a suggestion I believe is sensitive and applies both to Below Zero and the original game, when played with controllers (which includes consoles).

Quick bar management with a controller is a nightmare in the original game, and it is much worse in the sequel. If remapping keys in the PDA screen isn't too troublesome, it would be great to assign each d-pad to a position in the quick bar, say 2-5, and leave the current original subnautica key ("A/X" in xbox/ps4) for assigning the 1st slot, as the d-pad is not required for navigating the inventory.



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