Sea Monkey Thieves?

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ARK did the same thing. Created a creature that steals from you. I'm genuinely curious who thinks this is a good idea. I've never enjoyed having my belongings stolen, either irl or in a game. I work for something, I like to keep it.

Do these developers think it's enjoyable or funny when pirates steal their games? Being a victim of theft is not fun or funny in any way. IRL it sucks [email protected]@. In a game it's just irritating, making you want to just play something else.

Just my 2 cents.


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    williamjj wrote: »

    He didn't stutter. If it helps, he's talking about Below Zero. There's a creature there that steals whatever's in your hand. They're easily killable, but once when I was running low on oxygen the damn thing STOLE MY SEAGLIDE and that's the most furious a game has ever made me.
    This is dumb, but a click a day helps me out a little.
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    Sounds like a fun way to die.

    Nothing against Sea Monkeys, I find them to be cute.
    I simply unequip and go handsfree whenever they are around.
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