Habitat tubes diagonal would be nice

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It'd be cool if they had the tubes go at a diagonal angle and going up rather than climbing a ladder. Just thought that would be cool


  • MoWMoW 4546BMembers Join Date: 2019-03-19 Member: 251841Posts: 68 Advanced user
    edited September 2019
    Yes! We need more Baseparts for more complex Base building options.

    And this we need too
    (Ref. Jacques Rougerie (1973) Architect )

    A. Diagonal connector between 2 habitats (actually only the hatch can use diagonal habitat side) with an habitats configuration like in the picture.

    B. tri-connector compartment that can be placed between other compartments or on habitat walls, for triangle and hexagonal grid bases (but could eventually request triangle and hexagonal foundations, not sure)
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