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  1. I would like to see a couple longer tubes to get to the surface. If you're down at 200' depth, it takes quite a few pieces to get to the surface but one the tube is built, the ladder goes all the way through. If you added a couple longer tubes it would make it easier. Say the first tube is 8' in length, the other 2 could be 50' and 100' in length.
  2. Make the jukebox where it can play different music for different rooms at the same time.
  3. Allow pieces to interact with each other if placed above or below. Example, I place a base plate, build a set of buildings under the water, build a tube up to the surface and want to place another base plate above my base to place solar panels.
  4. A way to clear the snow off your original starting location to repair and use those facilities.


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    Maybe for the music box, you can either install different songs yourself or download them from some sort of database
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    I’ve seen a good amount of hate for the Seatruck, but I’m on the fans side. This thing is the prefect step between the Seamoth and Cyclops. I love the functionality that being modular allows. I built a total of two Seatrucks... the Seeker and the Collector. The Seeker is my ‘mobile base’ setup and consists of a lead truck car, followed by a sleeper, fabricator, storage, and ending with an aquarium car (until the planter car gets added). The Collector is my ‘work vehicle’ and consists of a lead truck car, followed by 3 storage cars and a docking caboose for the PRAWN suit. Two Seatrucks for two purposes. I really hope there are more cars in the future.

    Having said that, I wish a few small tweaks could be made:

    • The storage in the storage car is lackluster... I think the two BIG lockers that share a side should be much bigger, the long bench type storage is a bit small is the only bin you can’t name.

    •It looks like there was going to be some minor storage available in the Fabrication car... this would be nice, as outside of the fabricator that car is empty and lacking.

    •The sleeper car is great for turning night into day, but beyond the bed, the picture frame and radio seem lackluster as well. What else can flesh out this car to add value beyond the bed?

    •I have yet to mess with the teleportation car, but beyond that I really hope to see new cars added. So many cool possibilities...

    Last but not least, if I had to pick out the one thing I like the least... it’d be the way the Seatruck interacts with the Moonpool. I’d love to see a tunnel type of room, similar to a drive through at a food store.

    Really looking forward to everything to come!
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