Hard crash after about 30-minutes, constantly.

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I keep having constant crash issues every 30ish minutes with my rig for this game only.

I thought it was because I was using experimental only, but after reverting back to standard, it still crashes. I even verified game files (with no issues) and it still does it.

I upgraded all drivers, then installed all MB apps/driver, then video drivers and each time it still crshes.

I even lowered my 3,200 Mhz RAM back to 2133 (generic speed) with no changes.

My rig:

AMD Ryzen 1600 (watercooled, no overclock)
Asus Prime X470-Pro Motherboard. (latest BIOS)
16 GB Cprsair RGB RAM (3,200 MHz)
AMD (Dell) Vega 64 8 GB (water Cooled, no overclock, shared loop with CPU)
Dell 3k Monitor (144 Hz)
Seasonic X650 80-Plus Gold power supply.

I have run all kinds of stress tests:

Prime 95

Everything run less than 60C at all times on any test and multiple tests at once.

Let me know if I need to post more info.


  • MarkJohnsonMarkJohnson Join Date: 2018-12-08 Member: 245346Members Posts: 11 Fully active user
    This is weird no one else seems to be having this issue.

    I have been playing this morning without crash, but I save every 10 minutes or so.

    Maybe it's some sort of autosave? Does the game auto save itself. I know if I enter a base or vehicle. it does some sort of save. Like if I die, I lose everything from the last point I exited a building or vehicle.

    Maybe it's some sort of config issue? Some file is corrupt and messing with me?

    Maybe I'll try to delete the game from steam and try to clean all of the folders left behind.

    Anyone know where all the files are located and registry entries?
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    Try posting a crash log, click here for directions.

    Until then, generic help: close down side programs, especially MSI afterburner. There is no full autosave, just that inventory save for when you die. Not sure where registry files are. If you want to try an uninstall, restart your PC first.
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