[Below Zero] Jukebox Disc Idea

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As an avid Subnautica-release player, and now Below Zero EA backer I can firmly say that I am enjoying this game ALOT. I have a suggestion for the Jukebox, or more specifically the discs you discover throughout the game. I am sure the music direction of Below Zero is going to be perfect and I and 100% looking forward to being awed, spooked, and inspired as I was in Subnautica. That said, I REALLY REALLY like some of the tracks from Subnautica and would love it if its possible to have some of the tracks available in Sub Zero as a quest reward! Not only will I have best of both worlds, but when Im sitting in my observatory and staring into the dark void with a leviathan roaring in the distance, I can turn to my jukebox and hit up that amazing classic Main Menu song and feel the same giddy nostalgia I felt when booting up the base game.

And before I get flooded with "oh you can add your own music choice as .mp3s in some folder", I am specifically making this suggestion because Unknown World owns the IP for the original OST, so I would like to respect it as such!

Thank you for reading, I hope to have many more amazing moments in Sub Zero.


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    They may put them in abandoned bases or something like that
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