Still no updates

AdrynBlissAdrynBliss UK Join Date: 2018-02-06 Member: 236997Members
8-9 months since launch, i'd say we've been quite patient.
At release I made a thread voicing my disappointment with the state of the game. Others agreed. We were told that yeah the team was not entirely happy with performance and it was being sent out to a outside team to handle it.
Then silence.
9 odd months on still nothing. The problems persist. Save bugs. Resource spawn bugs. Creature behaviour bugs. Routinely having to wait on the edge of nothingness while the landscape loads in. Pop in issues.
And let's be clear here, the entire foundation of the game, the whole driving concept, is exploration. If crap doesn't load in till you're right on top of it then it defeats the entire point of the game.

This is just a guess, and i'm very happy to be proven wrong, but I think this is it. The team bit off more than they could chew. The xbox hardware simply can not do what they wanted it to and now they hope we've forgotten, left us with a faulty product, and oh well they know better going forward.

I say that's not good enough.


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    edited August 2019
    I'm pretty gutted too.
    Bought the game as soon as it appeared on Xbox and could live with the bugs while it was still in development.
    Now after the release it seems they've completely abandoned it and no thing is done about the gamebreaking bugs like the corrupted saving.
    The game is practically unplayable now, last time I bought something from Unknown Worlds, it's shamefull.
  • senjazsenjaz Join Date: 2019-01-02 Member: 247840Members
    I thought there was an update for consoles some months back. There was for the PS4 which fixed some frame rate issues, falling through the world bugs, etc.
  • ChucklesTheKnucklesChucklesTheKnuckles Join Date: 2019-07-27 Member: 253960Members
    I can live with the bugs, and since i use the XBOX and not PC version of Subnautica i agree, i really want a bug fix.
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