Subnautica BZ - Seatruck fix proposals

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As quoted by /u/Ishantil:
Seatruck feels like it doesn't do anything well. It's not fun to zip around with and explore [compared to the Seamoth], and it doesn't have the 'mobile submarine base' feel of the Cyclops

Let's take a look at 4 big problems with Seatrucks and potential solutions for each of them. I've combined Seatruck issues discussed in multiple threads:

1) Each component of the Seatruck has its own health bar. Makes it very difficult to repair parts of it.
- Suggested fix: Health should be shared among Seatruck modules. Repairing any component of the seatruck should repair all of it.

2) Entering exiting the Seatruck and seat is annoying.
- Suggested fix: Allow for differences between short-pressing (exit seat) and long-pressing 'E' (exit vehicle)

3) The Seatruck is incredibly slow, even without any attached modules. It's not as fun or zippy to drive as the seamoth.
- Suggested fix: Increase the max speed of the Seatruck to match the Seamoth's speed
- Alternatively, increase the # of upgrade modules from 4 to 6 and allow for engine speed upgrade modules to stack.

4) Lack of storage compared to every other vehicle. With more modules, the Seatruck becomes tedious to go from end to end. There's a ton of wasted empty space in the Seatruck modules.
- This is #1 complaint for the Seatruck. Robin can store more items on her body, and as far as I know, she's not fatter than the storage module.
- Allow for a small 4x6 storage cabinet in the main Seatruck cabin.
- Double the storage in the storage module.
- Another option is to allow players to build in select areas in the empty space on existing modules. For example, if you remove the picture frame in the Sleeper modules, users would be able to build a fabricator, storage cabinet, and trash can there.


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    1) Disagree. That allow the truck to be splitted into two parts if one of the middle modules be destroyed. Interesting mechanics I suppose, cause it mean you may lose some belongings in a rear part without loosing it forever, just return for your "tale", when giant monsters that bite you apart get rid of you.

    2) Disagreed. Seatruck is NOT the Seamoth, its a habitat, lab. Testing it and find needed that kind of option 20% of times. Another 20% find it wrong, bad a nd dangerous if i occasionly exit vehicle when i just needed tostand up from chair and repair some rear modules and get away quickly.

    3) Disagreed. Partially changed last update. Speed inceased. Anyway, Seatruck is a truck, it is slow. I find that devs design map that way you can use caverns, caves, arks, tunnels like the "roads" for you track. Little sneaky, takes more time, but hey - for me it works great, new mechanics. Just make some polish here an it will be brilliant.

    4) Agreed. Not much space compared to the size of module.

    +5) If we have separate production module that holds ONLY constructor, PLEASE make it happen to connect it with storage module (and aquarium too!). It goddamn crazy to check boxes every time i need to create FirstAid! (Where is it?! Where i put that syntheti... Gosh, i forgot it on the base!!! Right... How many titanium ore i have - lets look another time, all boxes. Again!)
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    The Seatruck is too slow, the sound it makes grinds on my nerves and it is beyond clumsy making it a tedious experience to operate. The Seamoth was very fun so it is difficult to go from one to the other. I agree that the storage space is lacking, making the storage module almost worthless since it slows you down for very limited net gain. The entire vehicle seems a poor execution of a good idea. It is not a game breaker for me, I love the Subnautica world, I just hope either the devs or the modders fix or replace this vehicle with something enjoyable.
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