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Hey everyone! As you may know, I'm the maintainer of the Combat mod, and today I'd like to share with everyone a mod of a mod called Extermination!

It uses some of the rules and mechanics from Combat and adds a counter-strike like twist. Marines are attacking an Alien hive, and must destroy it using a special new tech called a Tele-Hades Device. To accomplish that, the Marines must fight their way within range of the hive, construct the device, and guard it while it prepares for teleportation and then detonation in the Alien hive. Meanwhile, the Alien team must set up defenses and stop the device from going off.

Gameplay occurs over a series of rounds, and each round is around 2 to 3 minutes long. At the start of each round is a short buy time where players are frozen in place but are able to purchase upgrades using resources. Once the round is going, there's a big timer at the top of the screen along with the number of players alive on each team.

Players are given a lot of resources for winning a round, and a small amount when losing a round. Additionally, the following action awards points:
  • Killing a player awards you with 1 resource.
  • Marines all get 1 resource when their team destroys an extractor
  • Building the hades device gives your team 1 resource each
  • Destroying the hades device gives your team 1 resource each
  • A player suiciding will give a random player on the other team 1 resource

When a player dies, they must wait until the next round to respawn, though if their team was down a player at the start of the round, their team will get a respawn. This can be a long walk for marines, so… upgrade Improved Sprint? I might improve this in the future!

Specific gameplay mechanics
Some upgrades are permanent even if you die, but others are not. For example, the Marines can purchase Resupply and have it for every other round they are Marine, but if they buy a shotgun and lose it, they will not get another shotgun when they respawn. For Aliens, all evolutions like Celerity and Carapace are permanent, but all lifeforms are not. As a special rule, when you die as a lifeform, you get refunded half the price you paid. On the flip side, Marines can buy weapons and share them with each other, and pick up their ally’s dropped weapons when they die.

Marines can win a round either by killing all the Aliens or by destroying the hive. Once marines are teched up enough, I have seen exos and JP+GL take out the hive (It can be a good tactic if you suspect the aliens have an onos)

Aliens can win a round by either killing the hades device, killing all marines before the hades device is built, or preventing the construction of the hades device before time runs out.

The hades device has a shield that prevents it from being damaged from far away. The shield is only disabled when an alien player steps within the blue circle range indicator.

Losing multiple rounds in a row will award the losing players more and more resources each time. This is intended to be a catch-up mechanic.

The default configuration is 9 rounds on one team, and then switch for another 9 rounds on the other, or until one team wins 10 times. If there is a tie (exactly 9 wins for both teams), the mode has an overtime mechanic.

There is an alternate server-side configuration for “Casual Mode” where teams do not swap sides, and the first team to win 10 rounds is the match winner.

How to run this mode
For ease of (my) development, this is a mod of many mods! You will need the Extermination Mod (333A61CD) along with these two mods:
  • Combat Classic (520abdce)
  • Hades Device (3417dbef)
Optionally, you can also use my sound mod (5ADE48BB) to get slightly different sound effects (like skulk footsteps and jumping reverb) and round win/lose/overtime music. I would also suggest running Creepier Atmosphere (30bf2431) for fun, but that would just be for personal taste.

Note that if you wish your server to have "EXT" as the game mode, extermination will need to be AFTER combat in your mod ID list. UWE doesn't have an API for defining game modes, so this is the only way to override game modes.

So your mod ID list might look like: ["520abdce", "333A61CD", "3417dbef", "5ADE48BB", "30bf2431"]

For both modes, the number of rounds needed to win is configurable by the server admin using the file “CombatSkirmish.json”, that the mod will create for you.

What maps? This works on any vanilla NS2 or Combat map! If there are multiple spawn locations for teams, the game will cycle through them in a pseudo-random order, and will spawn teams in the same order each time for fairness. I have found that ns2_refinery, ns2_docking, ns2_tram, and ns2_mineshaft are pretty great. Although ns2_veil, ns2_unearthed, and ns2_origin and similar layouts are fine, I personally found the linear paths to hives to be a little boring. But try them out!

NOTE: Please do not run bots with this mode. They don't work.

Thanks for reading! If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

Link to Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859464141


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    I watched a few rounds of this when it was in its earlier stages of development, I was weary at first, the idea of the game mode didn't sound like something I would enjoy but after seeing it played and seeing the work Nin put into improving the gamemode I was very impressed with it.

    Give it a try!
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