Solar & External Power for the Cyclops

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Solar Power has been suggested before, but I'd like to add my vote to the idea.

Just went on a long loop with the Cyclops and used up over 8 spare Powercells. In the first part of it, I was using the Seamoth Solar Charger to recharge Powercells, which must have added at least 4 more Powercells worth of charge.

What I would like would be a Cyclops mod for Solar Charging equivalent to that of the Seamoth's. Effectively the same but with less admin overhead. Would mean that parked on the surface, wouldn't have to worry about low power use, but outside of that, things would be the same.

Another possibility, though with a greater gameplay and programming impact, would be to add an external power option for the Cyclops.
  1. Add a Base-attached Power Receptacle, similar to the existing Base-attached Air Pump.
  2. Add to the Cyclops external front a Power Cable, similar to the existing Pipe.
  3. When the Cyclops engine is off, the player can go to the front of the Cyclops, grab the Power Cable, and pull it like an air Pipe and connect it to a Base-attached Power Receptacle.
  4. When connected, the base will provide power to the Cyclops to recharge its 6 Powercells at a level equivalent to a Powercell Charger.
  5. When the Cyclops engine starts up, the Power Cable detaches and retracts automatically.

As it is the equivalent of a Powercell Charger, the Base-attached Power Receptacle should have a blueprint with the same ingredients as the Powercell Charger (Advanced Wiring Kit, Ruby x2, Titanium x2).
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  • MoWMoW 4546B Join Date: 2019-03-19 Member: 251841Members Posts: 68 Advanced user
    All nice ideas and very nice too have.....but in the late game, you have the cyclops-thermalplant and Ioncells ;)
  • darrindarrin Frankfurt; Germany Join Date: 2019-02-15 Member: 250965Members Posts: 51 Advanced user
    The idea of a power cable is unnecessarily complex. They could have used the power transmitters that are used to connect thermal reactors. E.g. a laser beam on the cyclops that will activate itself when close to another power transmitter.

    Furthermore, I never understood why they haven't made the cyclops more modular, leaving it up to the player to decide what type of power source they want to use. F.e. I don't see a reason why they didn't allow the use of reactor rods rather than power cells. That's 20,000 non-rechargable energy points for the rods vs. 1,000 rechargable points for the ion cell (or 200 for the power cell).
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