Can't bind "K" key

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I've got a huge problem that ruins my intention to return to the game...
I am not playing WASD but UHJK (and I will keep doing so;). The problem: When I am on a server, the "K" key seems to be bound to some stupid tutorial crap that tells me that I have to use the left mouse button to shoot. However, I can't get the K key to do a strafe right.
In the keybinding tab I can bind K to "move right" but it is shown in red as if there was a conflict. However, there is no other function bound to K. At least according to the keybinding tab.

I tried joining the marine tutorial and there the K key works fine. But not on online mp servers.
Help? And please don't suggest to switch to WASD. I won't. I've been playing UHJK long before WASD "was invented" and I won't start using that newfangled trendy stuff. ;)


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    Under Bindings, could you try to rebind "Help Screen" at the very bottom?
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