Suggestions for the Below Zero Base Update

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I noticed the next major update for below zero focuses a lot on updates to base building, and it seems like a larger multipurpose room is coming, as well as a larger rectangular room with a glass ceiling option. I suggest adding a square multipurpose room, or replacing the old one. The circular shape simply limits indoor space with no real purpose. In addition, there should be more optional glass panels (like an almost fully glass floor, almost fully glass wall, almost fully glass ceiling) for all large rooms. Also, there should be better stacking functionality for the large rooms being added. Multipurpose rooms should be able to have glass floors so that you can see below you when you stack them as well as roof hatches (for all large rooms). Finally, the windows for connector tubes and hatches should be larger.


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    We need this for more complex Base building.

    I found this on a other post
    I suggest to add some various angles tunnel parts for making our homes less square grid based.


    (Ref. Jacques Rougerie (1973) Architect )

    A. Diagonal connector between 2 habitats (actually only the hatch can use diagonal habitat side) with an habitats configuration like in the picture.

    B. tri-connector compartment that can be placed between other compartments or on habitat walls, for triangle and hexagonal grid bases (but could eventually request triangle and hexagonal foundations, not sure)
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    Hey lets be honest that Reapers gonna getcha. (Im Jazzed for subnautica, im not going for president)
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