Upgraded to Catalyst, lost my Constellation badge

BuzzouBuzzou Join Date: 2006-12-14 Member: 59056Members, Constellation
Hey guys, not sure if this is the best place to mention this, but i recently upgraded my Natural Selection account to add the Catalyst DLC, and after doing so, i've lost the ability to use my constellation badge in-game.

I can bring up an option to "manage" my badges, but it just asks me to "drag and drop" them, and after i tried it twice, i realized it was'nt going to work and i was potentially making things worse.

when i started this crazy screen, my name was next to 5 constellation icons. after i tried to click and drag, i was down to 3 constellation icons. (EDIT - I just tried it again, and lost another icon) so i quit and ran to the forums for help.

what am i doing wrong?


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