Wishlist (mostly for Subnautica: Below Zero)

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From Subnaughtica to SubSanta:

Spinner Fish - I hope it will be possible to add these to the aquarium

Models - Seamoth, Prawnsuit and Cyclops models in addition to the Aurora model (and maybe a little seatruck choo choo train!)

Decor/furniture etc: so far it looks like exactly the same items will be available. But there are many already existing items that weren’t buildable in the first Subnautica, that could be added (two seat benches, smaller/personal lockers, desks with no computer interface on the surface...) and a few new items in Sub Zero (small planters, small picture frame) that would make nice additions. I especially liked the oval planter on Robin’s bed in the first base. Some comfy chairs wouldn’t hurt either. Or larger meeting room tables. (Maybe mostly for when you’re playing creative and build bases for several people for the fun of it, though.)
Oh and it’d be neat if there was a choice of colours for “fabric” items, such as the couch and bed, if nothing else.

Regarding the mini-frame - unless it’s already intended to be used with screenshots (or the selfies I’ve seen mentioned, though Robin doesn’t seem like a person who’d bother with those), I think it’d be neat with a small premade collection of images to choose from, e.g. Robin’s sister Sam, the two of them, a fav pet or two, a signed pic with her and her idol xeno-linguist at a science convention, to mention a few ideas.

“Pickupable” items: coffee cups, pens, clipboards and such would be nice if they could be picked up and used to make your base looked more lived in. Even if Robin is on her own for the moment, there are more people and more research stations on the planet now, so more living items and clutter and such makes sense. And we have shelves but very little to put on them.

Lab equipment - I’m hoping we’ll have access to some of the new stuff seen in the “intro”. But I also think the old “non-functional” items could do with an upgrade. This is supposed to be in a space faring future but those pieces of equipment look like they predate my school years (and I’m not young anymore).

Lighting - I know the game has a warning about flashing lights, but I also hope the flashes will be adjusted (a bit more) to show less and less the deeper you go as well as be gone inside caves and such. I’ve no diving experience but I also feel that maybe the water should “soften” the flashes a bit...
As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the seatruck have very strong lights. Besides my suggestion (other thread) of them turning off automatically at docking, I think they’d benefit from some more tweaking. When inside ice tunnels and similar I hardly see a thing, because the lights just cause a bright blur. Maybe two should be directed forwards and two more to the sides so they don’t all light up the same exact area...
At the other end, it does make sense for deep waters to be very dark or even pitch black but sometimes that too makes it very difficult to see much. A bit of “artistic liberty” might be nice with regards to this... (Bioluminiscence isn’t always enough...)

Seamonkey behaviour: it would be neat if they’d come up to the base windows if you’re inside looking out. (Or even try to grab your tools through the glass looking consternated when they can’t :D)
Brute sharks - those darned things ate my seatruck! o.O Seeing as they seem to like it around the sea emperors, though, one would think maybe that enzyme could help make them a bit nicer in that area :p

for creative mode, an option to skip the “intro” (if you just want to play around building an awesome base, you might not want to have to play through that bit every time).

Heatfruit - I’m guessing it’ll start decomposing once we have planters for it... But I do wish the inventory icon would look more like the fruit and less like little maggots... (ew)

....aaaaand I’m sure I’ll come up with plenty more, especially since Sub. Zero isn’t finished yet.


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    Main things to amend in SubNauticaZero are annoying lightnings and seamonkeys stealing tools. Both points are absolutely senseless, boring and are obvious minuses of the game comparing to original SubNautica. (As well as long burocratic dialogs of the heroes).
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    I have to admit I don't agree about the seamonkeys. I think they're funny, though it IS annoying to try to explore and scan the areas where they are. It's mostly an issue early on, though. And in my opinion it gives an extra dimension to the behaviour of the alien life-form.

    One thing I miss and forgot to mention above, which isn't in creative mode either, is lighting sticks. I really miss something to mark paths or locations. If nothing else to remember where I've already been. I'm an expert at swimming in circles it seems... (And quite a bad seatruck and snowfox driver, I'm afraid... which often means I completely lose my bearings even with a compass to aid me... :p ) It's in the fabricator, duh...
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    Love this world. Love the concepts.
    The thing that bummed me out about the first game was that I could build this grand base, but mostly for no reason. Sure, if I didn't like the time of day, I could sleep, but that was about all the use of a bed. I could hatch eggs, but this just identified the type of fish egg it was. Scan and cultivate every plant I could find... but why. Game has no achievement for scanning everything, growing it, and reproducing it.

    Now that in Below Zero, we are actually doing research, it would be great if there were TASKS that we needed to complete (some have been hinted at). We should need to rebuild the main base with requirements that it have THIS many rooms and a WATER filtration and THESE instruments. THEN to go even further, IRL much of research can be automated by the time you get into this level of technology. Let research tasks TAKE a number of in game hours and when they are done give some sort of star or free resources from the base above... or even better, give a new tech that allows you to do slightly better things. If the sea truck is going to be able to collect fish samples, then let me DO something with that data eventually. At least let me process the samples the truck collects or occasionally head out to repair a weather station after a storm.

    I know for many players that want to rush to the end, they will have no interest in the equivalent of "side quests", but I really wanted a reason to linger in the first game and DO things more than the game required. I want to RESEARCH and gain something (even if small and tiny) in the game.

    When I tried to replay the original again, I went and explored wrecks I hadn't in the first game. Built mini-bases at every entrance to the lost river. Built a huge base at the broken skull. Killed ghost leviathans. Tried to tame a bone shark to chase away warpers in the ILZ (bone sharks raised in captivity will bite you as soon as you release them into the wild). I even started again and didn't build a sub, prawn, or cyclops. You can't finish the game without a cyclops to build the shield however. You have to cultivate brain corals in order to make it deep into the lost river as breathing stations without ships for mini-bases! All very fun new ways to invent how to play the game, but it would be nice if you had buttons that allowed you to try and complete again "THIS" way and then "THAT" way. Eventually, you try for the hardcore, scarce resources, scrambled scannable item locations, no vehicles, scan everything, hatch everything, build research installation megga game.

    How cool would it be for replay to try and solve the old game with changes from the game you played last time. Easy to create challenges like a serious scarcity of resources and you have to save every scrap and use it wisely? These would take only the smallest of tweeks to make the game VERY replayable. We loved the game but have no real reason to go back and play currently. Please keep in mind the desire to reply this game with changed parameters as you design the game.

    Even if you have to shove a basic game out the door for company income, how about later downloadable content that gives us a chance to revisit and reply our favorite game? Please.
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    I expected more "actual" research in the first game and for the enzyme at the end I would have preferred to have to somehow figure it out rather than just have it handed over, so I definitely agree on that. I also recently started replaying the first game and sort of came to a halt not knowing what to do next as I'm not actually interested in building Neptune and leaving lol

    In Sub. Zero I'm taking my time exploring and mapping, currently, though that's mostly because I can't move forward with the game anyhow.

    I knew I'd forget things in my initial wishlist - I always found it boring with the free standing storage units having glass doors but looking empty. Personally I'd like some sort of display cabinets for say, eggs, minerals and fossils (yes, small fossils should be added to the game - things that resemble alien versions of trilobites (pre-pinnicarids?) and ammonites for example, or small fish, small skulls, fossilised eggs and plants etc... - and yes I'm a paleo-bum)
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    I haven't played Zero since I don't want to spoil it but here one
    Outdoor 4x4 planter
    Mainly for cosmetics since the tray looks more like a farm rather than a garden. Plus it should be easier to place.
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    oh, I'l like to see a long slim one, like half the outdoor planter but lengthwise (would that be 2*4?)
    and small indoor ones to place on shelves and tables (1 or 4). Not to mention in the first Subnautica it would be nice if the mushrooms grew in clusters rather than just one stem, especially since they serve no other purpose than "decorative". I like my plant life on the wild side and un-neat :)
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    I like the addition to the sea monkeys. I didn't expect to find sea life with personality, and it would be hilarious to watch one bump confused into a window now and then.
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