A list of various problems I found after the Snowfox update.

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Veteran Diver here. I found a small assortment of noteworthy things during gameplay of BZ, especially after the recent Snowfox update. Cheers!

- Upper half of the screen goes blindingly white during intense blizzards, even underwater
- Some ore deposits spawn inside solid terrain where they are inaccessable
- Snowfox beaches itself in random areas of the Glacial Basin (Even though It's a freaking hoverbike hahaha)
- Vesper can be seen from underwater (imo it really shouldn't be visible at all, because it's in s p a c e)
- Moons of 4546B are clearly visible underwater despite always obstructed by clouds and weather
- Certain base furniture is affected by lighting issues
- Base exteriors are black (Unsure if this is intended, if so then cool!)
- Scanning room computer screens are visible outside of base and across the map
- Scanner room windows are very blurry and only certain textures like hydrothermal steam clip thorugh
- Base structural support elements spawn and despawn frequently, or don't spawn at all
- Base A.I. will greet you as if entering when leaving the base through the moonpool sometimes
- Stasis rifle projectiles will sometimes phase right through solid terrain
- Table Coral Samples sometimes 'stick' to the player and 'unstick' inside bases where they cannot be manipulated or removed
- Ores and Table Coral Samples sometimes phase through solid terrain when dropped or harvested
- :smile:
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