June 2019 Newcomer Tournament & NSL restructuration

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The NSL (Natural Selection Leagues, the official community for the Natural Selection 1 & 2 competition) keeps evolving, and gains more adepts ! Some new jobs were created, and new staff members hired. A warm welcome to the new faces of the NSL team; infamous, Jackson, mirez, Mephilles and Grissi.
To celebrate, let's test our might in the June Newcomer Tournament. BATTLE FOR GLORY!
If you are bored of pub and want a more structured and balanced gameplay, or if you want some challenge, but you never dared to make the first step, here is your best occasion to try out 6v6.
Follow that link https://www.ensl.org/articles/1106 for all the details.
You can participate whether you're alone, with friends, or with a full premade-squad.
This tournament is open to everyone who has no (or limited) experience of the 6v6 competitive format of NS2.

NSL is back, tell a friend!
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