Hardened Glass for the Prawn Suit(?)

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I was happy to see the crafting recipe for the enamelled glass altered when I was constructing the seat-truck back in March, and I have memory the name had changed too

Now I found the prawn suit fragments, and now I need "hardened" glass, which I have not yet "discovered" - and the enamelled glass I have crafted (in-game), does not count.
So I don't know if it's a bug,
not been implemented properly
or I'm missing some scan data to re-explain this, since a few pda's have respawned since the April update, and some "fish" had been forgotten.
(Oh Beta woe's :D Good job I'm a hardened Gamer and former QA who is only gaming experience these days feels like smoking hot builds (I'm an Elite Dangerous player) ;) )


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    Me to i built a base in reaper territory and it servived oh and ive faced three yes three ghost leviathans
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    In the same predicament The reinforced glass required by the Prawn Suit in Below Zero doesn't appear to have been included as yet. So as yet, while I am ready to build the prawn suit, it can't be built.
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