Alterra Tent

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I'm loving the glacier basin (geometry art-work, weather and music and it gives a feel of how the "freezing" mechanic is going to work.

Unlike oxygen production, staying warm is a little different, and the Big tin-cans of the deep with hatches, feel a little redundant for a quick 'top up' of heat.
So I'm thinking A futuristic tent/sleeping bag. It doesn't take up so much room in your inventory and allows you to top up on heat/food/drink and take shelter from exposure from the elements.
Whip out your Altera pocket size heater or the shelter itself has one inbuilt, draining batteries for fun to combat the cold.

The only issue is, the heat, and light, is a beacon for nasties, and's not a big armoured tin-can now is it.
Bears have been known to kill campers in their tents before now ;)


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    Nice idea but it would have to have some modules liake the shield modules for the cyclops or the depth modules that add up all of the mark three depth modules
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    Personally I don't really like the idea of a portable tent, but i'm sure the devs have something planned to help us combat the cold. However, I do really like the idea of having a heater module for our base. That's an idea I can get behind.
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