Slight Rework of Robin Goodall's Sounds

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I'm a big fan of Subnautica, and along with the art, one of my favorite things in the design of the original game was the sounds that came with all of the creatures and the played character. With the development of the new Subnautica Below Zero expansion, I've noticed some features of Robin Goodall's sound effects that I find mildly concerning. The particular sounds I'm focusing on are those played when the player is damaged.

Ryley Robinson, in Subnautica, would consistently emit a slightly muffled grunt (I think of it more as the "oof" you hear when someone is punched in the gut). Robin Goodall, on the other hand, gives more of a scream that sounds relatively muffled and feels a bit incongruous with the sound I might expect from a character getting hurt. I feel like the muffling of the sound doesn't match up with the manner in which Ryley's "oofs" are in the base game, and the scream at each damage is a bit too much for the situation. I don't know how others feel about this, but I believe there may be merit in promoting some extra consistency in the sounds by having Robin "oof" in the same way Ryley does. I've found the constant panicked reaction at each instance of damage breaks some of the game experience and doesn't feel as realistic.


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    I agree. I actually didn't even realise it was Robin for a good time - I thought some poor frightened seamonkey witness screamed in fright every time she was attacked! :smiley:

    I'm also bothered by the sound she makes when drinking water. It sounds as if she's downing something far more viscuous and wile than water, like she has to force herself and it's an unpleasant experience.
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