SeaTruck in April release

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I just finished building the SeaTruck, the Aquarium Module, the Storage Module, and the Fabrication Module. I was hoping that the new release would bring some changes, but alas! This does not seem to be the case.

The Fabrication Module should have some small amount of storage in that bench opposite of the fabricator, say 24 units or so.

The Storage Module is almost a joke, having such little actual storage space. A Storage Module should have massive STORAGE! After all, in the Cyclops, I could line the walls with lockers. If the SeaTruck is supposed to replace the Cyclops, please, developers, increase the space in the Storage Module by an absolute minimum of 2x. 4x or more would be great. Yes, I know I could make more Storage Modules, but that is not a good solution as the SeaTruck becomes unwieldy with many modules attached.

The Aquarium Module is OK, but it would be a nice addition if you could set some sort of filter that would determine what gets caught and stored. I really didn't want to catch that pengling youngster . . .

End of Rant.


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    I agree with you on this but speaking of modules i tried to get to the bottom of the void in my cyclops shadow but when i tried to get deeper than1700 i added another depth module mrk 3 and it didnt add the depth that should be a function that needs to work
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