Drowned while renaming locker in a dry room . . . O_o

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Playing a new game (survival) with the latest release, I had created a SeaTruck and a moonpool. I was inside the moonpool, and had added some of the large wall lockers. When I went to change the name on one, my fumble-fingers must have hit some odd combination of characters - suddenly, I was floating above the floor as if I were swimming. Even though I was in the dry portion of the moonpool room, I was using oxygen from my tank. None of my attempts at exiting this strange mode were successful. I ran out of oxygen and drowned in dry air.

This happened several times while attempting to rename lockers - even though I was typing more carefully. I finally found that I could enter the docked SeaTruck, and that stopped the oxygen use, but I couldn't seem to get the SeaTruck to move. I couldn't even use 'E' to exit the unresponsive SeaTruck. I finally figured out that if I entered the command 'freecam', moved a bit, then entered 'freecam' again, I was able to pilot the SeaTruck. I docked it and climbed out, everything once again normal.

I F8'ed this one to the developers . . .
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