To PS Subnauticars from an XB Subnauticar

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Hi PS players of Subnautica.

I play Subnautica on XB1X, and I am so sick and tired of the ever increasing time it takes to load Subnautica. I am currently waiting for a game to load and it is taking so long that my XBox controller has auto-shut off. Saving can also take a glacial age if left too long between saves.

How is the game running on PS4? Are you guys also waiting ages for your game to load/save?

Thanks .


  • MoWMoW 4546B Join Date: 2019-03-19 Member: 251841Members
    The only real boost for faster loading time ( loading/saving/Systemstart/install Time) is a Harddisk change from hdd to ssd

    Change your intern Standardsystemhdd to an intern SystemSSD !

    for me and my Ps4 was it the Best boost ever.evrything is so much faster(Systemstart, loading, saving, install games etc..)

    And Systemhdd changing on Ps4/Ps4Pro is so easy and from Playstation allowed!! Look at the official Homepage from Playstation;)
    or YT or the WWW for Information about how much faster a harddrive change from hdd to ssd is.

    But what is with Xbox? I dont know about Xbox of it possible to change so easy your Systemdrive, sorry, they have you to look on www

    But i think it is possible to Do with a little bit know how and enough Information about that.

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    The load/save times are OK on PS4. What time duration are we talking about on XboxOne ? To have the controllers auto-shut off is quite... extreme.
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    There are times it can take up to a half an hour to load a game and twice that to save for me. Haven't played in about a month now though got sick of losing subs n suits to the walls n floors. I can survive ghost leviathans all day but a fuckin walk to my cyclops from my base can prove to be fatal as fuck.
  • CochonouCochonou France Join Date: 2019-01-19 Member: 249024Members
    I timed the initialisation of the game and load of a save with a stock PS4 Pro: 1 minute and 23 seconds. This is on an endgame save (3 playing days in), with two large bases. So it seems the situation is much better.
    However, floor tile loading issues are also present on PS4 up to a certain extent. I never lost a seamoth or prawn suit to them, but it might be only thanks to luck.
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    I bought a Samsung USB 3.0 SSD. The loading times have been massively reduced in Subnautica now. And I don't just mean it knocked seconds off, It knocked minutes off.

  • MoWMoW 4546B Join Date: 2019-03-19 Member: 251841Members
    This is, what i mean!! and it is not a joke! the only real TimeBoost for loading Time etc. Is an SSD! And not only for Subnautica! For everything!

    @ all Ps4/Ps4Pro User change your HDD to an SSD....all Information on the official Homepage from Playstation.
    @ XBOX is the Same thing, but over Xbox and HDD change, i dont know enough over XBOX for this, but the WWW.

    Do it and you Love it !
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    Got the game this afternoon on ps4. 10 hours in and besides the weak draw distance and the 1 second lag everytime I emerge, i have not encountered any bugs or lag. The loading time is not that long on my standard ps4, rarely going over a minute for initial load, which is pretty much the same time I get on RDR2. But I do have one minor issue I'd like a solution to. For anyone also playing on ps4, do you know if we can name objects? I can pull up the naming panel on nameable objects (locker, beacon etc) but once the panel with the highlighted text is up, the game doesn't pull up a keyboard or anything to let me interact with the panel. I can play OK but am slowly getting to the point where it's becoming annoying to memorize all my lockers and beacons because of how many there are.... Thanks in advance if anyone has the answer.

    Edit - I'm an idiot, I was waiting for the keyboard to pop up by itself after I brought the name panel up like it would in most games, but it turns out you have to press X again to make the keyboard appear haha.
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    So you can save on Ps4? I'd be happy with that at this point
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