Below_Zero : Scannerroom taken out the Position of Fragments before the BP was complete

MadeMyDayMadeMyDay Join Date: 2016-09-12 Member: 222267Members
I reported this also with Feedback-System but there was to less Space to explain what really happend.

In my 3rd Game, i had all BP, exept the BP for Seatruck:Aquarium. In the other 2 Games i found them deep under the Bridges. In the 3rd Game, they wasnt there. So i searched all the Positions of the Fragments, that was shown from the Scannerroom. If i was coming nearby and the related BP was complete, the HUD taken out all the Positions of the related BP (as it shoud). At last, i found 2 pieces from Seatruck:Aquarium but the Scannerroom taken out the other positions of the missed 3rd part i had to scan. And because this was the last BP i was missing, the option to scan for fragments does not longer exist in the scannerroom. So the chance to find the 3rd part i have to scan, is a lottery.
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