Whips Countering GL Gernades [Bring it back]

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Honestly - this has to be the most missed feature for me [outside of silence]. We played a 170min game on ns2_Veil _Cured with great map control. Topo/Nano/WestJunciton/C12. We had everything except Sub/Ore/and Skylights. The GL Spam really hurt. I had crags everywhere with shifts and Shades 200/200 alien structure. Anyway, sharing too much info, but, really. please bring back the GL counter for whips!! Can we try it out again for a while, its very useful and fun! :smiley:


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    I agree, the premise was great, but I think nostalgia is making how bad it felt and how the implementation was wonky as hell less obvious to you bud.
  • SquishpokePOOPFACESquishpokePOOPFACE -21,248 posts (ignore below) Join Date: 2012-10-31 Member: 165262Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    GLs are barely viable as is.
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    GLs are barely viable as is.

    In an RTS context, GLs are where they should be: support weapons.
    And even despite that, i've seen pple successfully hunt good lerks with those things (alone).

    Aliens have no means to defend against a grenade push (either hand or launcher). If the tech and skills are matched, aliens cant hold against a marine onslaught.
    Having whips disable/ricochet grenades would force marines to use ARCs, which i rarely see in games.
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    in the 327 beta last i checked GLs were in a good spot. Less dmg to lifeforms and more to structures. I admit i have not played the beta in a while so that might have changed.
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