[below zero] Reworking Noise/Fauna just using the scroll wheel

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The goal of this suggestion:
- being cheap
- improving the control you have over vehicles (Seamoth, Seatruck, Cyclops)
- Including noise into the gameplay
- act as anti-frustration feature late game when you know what you are doing
- optionally add realism

Once in a vehicle, use the mouse's scroll wheel to select between 3 states (copypaste of the cyclops UI).
  • STATIC, null speed
    - No noise
    - No animal attack you except the crazy dangerous predator or the ones you already angered
  • SLOW speed
    - It double as fine-control mode
    - Only a few predator will notice you or only after a timer
    - Prey don't notice you
  • NORMAL speed
    - Your default mode, act as you expect
    - Predator species will attack you
    - Prey will flee out of your way
  • HIGH speed
    - Predator species will aggro you from further away
    - Small size prey will flee out of your way from further way
    - Medium size or large size prey species may be angered and attack
    - add any power-consumption debuff as you wish
    - obviously you take more damage if you collide with stuff at that speed

Compatibility with Speed upgrade
- Speed upgrade allow you to increase even more the speed without the added noise

HORN for the Cyclops

- The horn would frighten small and medium predator, so you can work in peace without pesky danger
- It would however attract huge creature

ps: No responsibility for any added UI
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